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Chanel's Marketing Via Instagram

Instagram has become one of the most popular social media outlets in the world. 90 million people check their Instagram once a month, and those 90 million people see thousands of different content every time they look through their feed. The fashion industry knows this and use it to their advantage.


Chanel has 1,042 posts on Instagram and has a total of 26.9 million followers. This is no surprise that a brand like Chanel is this popular on social media. Chanel makes a post about once a week. Each post usually gets over 100,000 likes on each post. This means that 100,000 people see this post and take the time to like it. While this might not seem like much, this is very important to Chanel’s brand and to their marketing team.

The Aesthetic

Chanel’s Instagram has a certain aesthetic, and they achieve this aesthetic with the bio, pictures, and videos they market to their audience.When you visit Chanel’s Instagram, it gives you a certain feeling. The site looks clean cut, well organized and high class. This is all done on purpose to appeal to Chanel’s targeted audience. Most people who buy Chanel are higher class, and like the more clean-cut chic look. Chanel achieves this perfectly and it makes the audience enjoy their brand even more through Instagram.

The Bio

Chanel’s Instagram bio is, "'Chanel is above all a style. Fashion passes, style remains.' Gabrielle Chanel." This is a very powerful statement. This alone is letting the audience know that the brand Chanel is more important than just clothes. This bio will also make a person think that what they are looking at is important, and will draw an audience to their Instagram because it will make them feel important.

Photos & Videos

Chanel picks their post very carefully. Most of their posts are about their seasonal collections and show commercials for their perfume or makeup. Chanel posts their photos or videos during the most popular times on Instagram, which will get them the most views for videos and photos. They also make sure that the photos and videos they pick are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and they entice the audience to look at it longer and read the comment.

While Chanel’s Instagram seems pretty and not very thought about, it actually is. The marketing department for Chanel takes time to pick certain pictures, videos, and comments for their Instagram. They try their best to appeal to their targeted audience.

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