Dressing for Success

Business includes of a lot of different areas of studies- Accounting, Finance, Management, Computer Information Systems, Sales, and of course, Marketing. But even with a college degree and a wise mind, you still need to present yourself well. Dressing for success is key to future employers because it shows a sign of respect. It is important to market yourself in a presentable way.

In college, it’s easy to go to class in yoga pants and a tee shirt, but when it comes to getting a professional job, this won’t pass. Even when you start taking upper-level classes in the business school, you have to dress nice at least once a week for presentations and guest speakers. So, let’s talk about the main items of clothing you will need to have and keep in your closet as a woman.

To get the look of “business professional”, every woman should own the following pieces of clothing:

  • A black pencil skirt, at knee length and not too short

  • A white blouse- button up or regular is fine

  • A black blazer

  • A cute/comfortable pair of black heels (keep it under 3 inches)

This outfit makes up the typical “business professional” outfit. It’s a little old-fashioned, but you wil