How Lady Gaga Solidified Her Role In the Entertainment Industry as a Marketing Mogul

From synth pop to sultry ballads, she’s made her rounds in almost every genre and has marketed her way to legend icon status. Lady Gaga’s impact is what every marketer should strive for; perfect balance of attention-grabbing talent and marketing business acumen.

With over 76 million twitter followers and over 146 million singles sold globally; Lady Gaga has grasped the concept of how to market yourself within the music industry. How does an artist keep their audience engaged? How does an artist keep their loyal fanbase?

Through every era, Gaga has managed to have sold out shows, number one albums, and win awards for her talent. Gaga’s impeccable talent and compassion increases her fanbase as each album is introduced.

Branding is something Gaga excels at. Every performance, song, and outfit is like no other. As an artist, Gaga has made sure to differentiate herself from everyone else in the industry. Creating a buzz of what she’ll do next. During her Super Bowl Conference, many speculated “What will she wear?”, “What shocking thing will she do?” These questions are in a constant cycle generated around each red carpet and award show performance. After years of hard work and determination, Gaga has built her own personal brand through performances, humanitarian work, and for the love of her impeccable fanbase.

From the start of her career, Gaga has always thanked her fans for her success. Her appreciation for her self-dubbed “Little Monsters” is an organic symbiotic relationship solidifying the longevity of her career. As a way to further engage and support fans, the Born This Way Foundation was created to inspire youth and to build a better community for the LGBT kids at risk.