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Annual Marketing Week

October 16th-20th, 2023

AMA Marketing Week (1).png

Texas State AMA kicked off Marketing Week with a t-shirt design competition which received many great entries!

Activities throughout the week varied from volunteering with the community to professional development and ended with win at the Texas State University Volleyball game. 

To increase promotion, we created a "Punch Card" incentive. Members that received 2 or more punches from attending marketing week events were entered into a raffle for an AMA swag bag full of Texas State AMA merch.

T-Shirt Competition.png
Copy of Etiquette Dinner  (Instagram Pos
Linkedin Workshop.png
Volleyball Tournament Sport Poster (Instagram Post).png

2022 Marketing Month 

Etiquette Dinner
October 26th, 2022

Pumpkin painting
October 19th, 2022

LinkedIn Workshop
October 5th, 2022

2021 Marketing Month 

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