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The Benefits of Joining AMA

Education and Networking


Being an AMA member means joining a network of nearly 13,000 collegiate and 25,000 professional marketers.

Connect with professionals in your local area or across the continent by searching the online AMA professional member roster.

International Collegiate Conference 


Over 1,000 of the best and brightest undergraduate students gather for three days of learning, networking, and fun at this exclusive annual event for AMA collegiate members. Chapters and individuals can earn recognition, hear presentations from a range of marketing experts, participate in leadership training and networking events, and gain valuable career information.

AMA Conferences & Seminars 

AMA offers a yearlong series of over 30 specialty conferences, boot camps, workshops, and hot-topic seminars. Collegiate members can attend these at a discounted rate.

 Resources through National AMA

  • Marketing News and the Collegiate Newsletter

  • College 2 Career Resource Center

  • Innovative resources and tools

  • Conferences and training

  • Certifications

  • Tips From Professionals

Annual Chapter Awards  

This prestigious program recognizes outstanding collegiate chapters, students, and faculty advisors for their work and service.

TXST Chapter Membership Benefits

  • My AMA Daily email with current articles and events

  • Free membership to a professional chapter after graduation

  • Valuable knowledge from important professional speakers

  • Networking with business professionals

  • Community service

  • Access to members-only section of the American Marketing Association web site

  • Building a professional portfolio

  • Meeting new people and making lifelong friends

  • Austin AMA membership

  • Member T-Shirt

Leadership Opportunities

Engaging in a Director or Chair position provides students with a unique opportunity to manage finances, people, projects, and deadlines. Consider applying for an open officer position if you're looking for the chance to grow as a professional, student, and person!


Paid dues, got a member shirt, & attended 3 meetings



Paid dues, got a member shirt, attended 5 or more Texas State AMA meetings/events/socials, & attends Etiquette Dinner



Paid dues, got a member shirt, attended Etiquette Dinner & Regional Conference, attended 1 Austin AMA event, & attended every Texas State AMA event

Perks: Can attend ICC

For any questions regarding membership, please contact our Co-Directors of Membership:

Erica Rud -

Abdul Osman -

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