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Director Role:

A Director is a head of a committee of Chairs, tasked with running a portion of our chapter's operations - with exact duties dependent on each officer's chosen title.


By the end of the academic year, our directors will be a subject-matter expert in the technical aspects of their specific roles and have built skills in critical professional areas such as marketing, sales, leadership, networking, and contract negotiation.

Director Duties:

  • Attend weekly Wednesday meetings at 5 PM

  • Stay after weekly meetings for an officer debrief

  • Fulfill job-specific responsibilities

  • Attend most socials / volunteer events

  • Attend the Annual Officer Retreat

  • Pay dues to ensure active membership


Chair Role:

A Chair is a member of a committee lead by a Director, responsible for assisting the Director with any tasks critical to the success of their team's mission.


By the end of the academic year, our chairs will be experts in the duties and skills necessary to succeed on their committee, or even as the future Director of their team. This position provide students the opportunity to become more involved in the chapter, with a taking on a large time commitment. This positions offers the promise of professional and personal growth.

General Chair Duties:

  • Attend weekly Wednesday meetings at 5 PM

  • Fulfill job-specific responsibilities

  • Pay dues to ensure active membership

  • Attend most socials/volunteer events (if possible)


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