Marketing Body Positivity

Among the fashion and beauty industries, body positivity has soared within the past few years. Actually, is has become a movement in itself. So, what is the body positivity movement? The body positivity movement is a movement that, “encourages people to adapt more forgiving and affirming attitudes towards their bodies, with the goal of improving overall health and well-being” (Wikipedia).

In the past, body positivity has not always been a highlight within the modeling industry. For example, when you look at Barbies, being thin and perfect is what was highlighted in the marketing industry. But now, there are Barbies being made that have curves. A company that supports and encourages body positivity and confidence within women is Aerie. I use this as my prime example because Aerie has launched an entire #aeriereal campaign that focuses on the natural beauty of women. Aerie does not Photoshop women and they use women of all sizes in their advertising. Aerie uses effective marketing techniques on their target market of young women. They post a lot of pictures on Instagram of women of all sizes, which I would say is one of their most powerful tools. Aerie has used a hedonistic approach to marketing to its target market, and they have also used a memory route to persuasion by continuously posting pictures of women of all sizes and using the hash tag #aeriereal.